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Gmail Scheduled Send Email

Someone recently asked for the ability to schedule send an email. It was for a link to a class feedback form and ideally they'd like to be able to send it near the end of the class.

We looked at Boomerang, which had issues with authenticating with the York domain, and broke the CSS of Gmail slightly. We tried mx Hero, a Chrome app but after a tip off from a colleague and reading the reviews and discovering it at times didn't send the email, or used http rather than https etc we thought it might be better to look into making our own solution.

Apps Script to the rescue!

I wanted something that was really simple, and easily editable to do what you want.

I made an Apps Script to check your Gmail Drafts folder. If there's a message whose subject begins with a date, like this, it sends it ...

[27/06/2014] Hello, this is a message from the future!

How to install it... 1. Go to the Apps Script here and choose the menu, File > Make a Copy. You will want to change the admin_email …

Email Me When Someone Edits a Google Document

Someone asked me if they could receive an email when a document has been edited.

function document_checker() {   var doc_id = "YOUR_DOCUMENT_ID_GOES_HERE"
  var doc = DriveApp.getFileById(doc_id)   var last_update = doc.getLastUpdated()   var scriptProperties = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties()    var last_checked = new Date( scriptProperties.getProperty('LAST_CHECKED') )   Logger.log( "Last checked: " + last_checked + " " + typeof last_checked )   Logger.log( last_update > last_checked )   if (last_update > last_checked){     Logger.log( "Sending mail" )     MailApp.sendEmail("YOUR_EMAIL_GOES_HERE", "Document has been edited", doc.getUrl() )     scriptProperties.setProperty('LAST_CHECKED', new Date() )   } }
function setup(){  var scriptProperties = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties();  scriptProperties.setProperty('LAST_CHECKED', new Date() ); }
So... follow these steps.
a. Create an Apps Script in Goog…