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How I Learn ( And What I'm Learning )

This post might be a bit off-topic, as it's more about my own learning.

As part of whatever job I'm doing, there are normally regular forays into learning new things. Times when I have to throw myself into something I know pretty much nothing about. It's often learning something that I have a hunch will be useful for making things with, but sometimes it's more esoteric and tangentially related to my work.

As I threw myself headlong into another foray, I noticed that I was noticing the feelings and approaches I was going through as it happened. I thought I'd share it, but I don't really have a reason why. I just have a gut feeling that I should. So here it is...

The Task in Hand The cunning plan, in its simplest form, is to create a sort of Twitterwall for our Google Education Conference in our 3Sixty space at the University of York. It's largish room with projectors pointing at 4 huge walls. ( I wrote about it in previous blog post here ).
Research The Alte…