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Inserting a Link To A Google Drive File in a Google Spreadsheet

It seems Google are changing how you use the Google Drive File Chooser which always looks a bit goofy if you are using it in a spreadsheet because of poor design.

I had a go to see if I can resize the dialog at all and I don't think so. Here's my version of their code which demonstrates how you can wire it to insert a link to a Google Drive file.

There's an example file here: Drive Dialog example. Simply go to the File > Make a copy menu to see the code using Tools > Script Editor menu.

UPDATE: This version works better now

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Many people think ideas happen in a flash, a moment of inspiration, that eureka moment. They also believe that it's often "other people" that have ideas, either a boss or lone genius hunting down those illusive light bulbs.

The funny thing is, that the reality is, ideas can be slow things, taking time to come into being and most often they happen in discussion or collaboration. From what I've seen, the best ideas don't come from senior management, or from a sole genius but from people working together, people actually doing stuff in the real world. Many of these "good ideas" can be almost accidental.

My role at the university has been to both introduce people to the Google Apps suite, both evangelising them and working with people to help them realise their ideas.

Here's a story of an "accidental idea" that I think is good and is a great example of what I call "people actually stuff" and collaboration and discussion.

Someone in F…

Showing When An Appointment Slot is FULL using Google Forms and Apps Script

I'm sorry this isn't a finished solution you can just copy and paste. It's more of an example, sharing THAT this can easily be done which may help you figure out how to do it your case.

Lots of people at the University of York are using Google Forms to allow people to sign up to events. They use forms rather than Appointment Slots because they want to work with the data to generate registers for the people running the events.

But often these events have a capacity, that is, once 20 people have signed up to them, they're full.

There isn't much you can do with Google Forms to "live lookup" data and change form items if they're full, so we have developed workarounds to mimic this behaviour.

Firstly, having created our Form in the regular way, we create an extra sheet that keeps a track of how many people have have signed up, like this...

The count column has a formula in it like this...
=COUNTIF('Form responses 1'!G:G,B2)
...and the limit is a numb…