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360 Degrees of Tom Smith ( What More Could You Want? )

Yesterday was fun. Sara Perry is planning to use the amazing 3 sixty space in The Hub on Heslington East for a module on museum exhibition design. The 3 sixty is a room in which you can display images on all four walls and play audio. It's quite a big space as you can see. If Sara is 5'10" how big do you reckon that wall is? Anyone?

So, before heading off there, with only a lunch break to spare I decided to get a better idea of what it could do. I downloaded the PowerPoint template file that you can use to create the content that you might display. 
I decided, like a megalomanic to see if I could make a room that was filled with my head in a really, nightmareish and ominous way. So I used the built in camera on my laptop to video myself, slowed it down, added effects and some audio from Sunn O))) and put the videos I made into the Powerpoint.
The video was like this... ( play them both at the same time )... as is meant to be displayed on opposite walls.

... and this ...

A Simple Example Booking Project in Google Spreadsheets

I've had a number of requests for code examples for my Booking Spreadsheet. I have held off sharing the code mainly because it became very complex and wasn't very useful as a starting point for anyone else.
But recently, I had to whip an Appointments spreadsheet together that didn't have personalised colouring of cells, that didn't create lots of sheets for a whole term, or permissions etc. 
This spreadsheet is just a list of "Book me" links that passes some data through to a simple web form, and then saves the person's email into that cell's value.
If you want to do something similar using this spreadsheet, 
a. File > Make a Copy - to get your copy b. Tools > Script Editor > File > Manage Versions > Save New Version c. Publish > Deploy as web app - to copy your web app URL d. Change all the variables in the code, there's only a few e. Run the Setup code - to regenerate the "Book me" hyperlinks to point at your new web…