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Building A Booking System With Google Apps

In my previous post, Building a Booking System With Google Apps, I tried to use Google's UI Builder to be a front-end to saving events into a Bookings Calendar for students to book hot desks in the Berrick Saul Treehouse. I wasn't totally happy with the results... still.

Lately, I have tried a completely different, simpler approach ( with quite a few groans about icky Google Docs issues along the way ) which has a sort of spreadsheet visualisation of the bookings that have been made. 

It looks and works like this.

Rather than taking apart the code in fragments, the entire spreadsheet is available here. Go take a look, from the File menu choose Make A Copy

If you create a Calendar and change the Calendar ID in the Script Editor you might be able to get it working for you. There are setup scripts to generate a "calendar-like" spreadsheet. The perches sheet has a list of columns that you might want to alter to suit your needs. The weirdest part is the "Booking Queue" sheet, which is essentially a huge workaround. 

Do let me know if you work out how to do any of this in a cleaner/better/faster way. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I noticed that your copy is publicly editable. You may want to change that to publicly viewable to be safe.

  2. I think, if a spreadsheet is viewable then you can't run the scripts in it ( i.e use it )... I made a copy in the hope people could maybe

    a. use it and see what it did
    b. copy it
    c. improve ( even a small bit of ) it
    d. let me know...

    If people break it, I'll make another copy.

    1. I think it's broken, the link does not work anymore. Could you please e-mail me a link to the spreadsheet? Thank you very much for your effort.

    2. the link seems to be broken. I need this. Can you email me the link ? let me know the id i can write to.

    3. Hi Sir! Please do share me your sample Google Sheet for this.
      I really need this one.
      I hope you can help me.
      Thank you!

  3. Hi, I'm really interested in your booking system using google apps. But, the file is not available at the moment. Could you send me the new URL to my email please.


    Simon Park.

  4. Likewise. I'm interested in seeing the spreadsheet, however the link does not take me to the document. Please may you post your new URL

  5. Could you update the link to the spreadsheet, please? Thank you!

  6. Good Morning, This sees excellent to what I want to do. However the link does not work. If you update please let me know. Thank You.

  7. Hi, How can I access the spreadsheet? I am intersted in it, but the link is broken. I greatly appreciate any information, thanks!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. thanks for your post, here are good online soluion :

  10. can you please share me the actual link. you can email me at

  11. can you please share me the actual link. you can email me at


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