Monday, 24 June 2013

Confusion about Apps Script Projects in Spreadsheets.

I'm in some confusion about how Apps Script projects work when embedded in a Google Spreadsheet. In my current spreadsheet, when I choose "Script Editor", I see this...

As you can see, there are multiple projects in the spreadsheet. I don't get this. It always happens that when I copy a spreadsheet too... that I end with a "Copy of XXX" and "XXX" Apps Script projects inside the spreadsheet. 

I can add extra projects via the "Create a new project" link but I can't remove projects from spreadsheets. This gets more confusing if both "Copy of Web App n Stuff" and the "Term Week Dates Booking Project" have a doPost () function in them. Which function gets called? 

Why would I want more than one Apps Script project in a spreadsheet?

Why can't I flip a project out to be a standalone Apps Script project?

When making copies of spreadsheets - why do I end up with multiple projects in a spreadsheet?

How might I remove an Apps Script project from a spreadsheet?


  1. File > Delete project

    Unless you're the owner of the spreadsheet, you won't be able to delete them.

  2. Really? I've often wondered if the project is linked to the file that copy was made from... or other voodoo might be happening.


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