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What's Going On?

My Work At University of York

A list of old projects here including a Marking App,  an iPad app and 3Sixty installation.

Scraping "Sugar Tax" information from UK Government sites then running with semantic and sentiment analysis.

Playing with scraping Box of Broadcast transcripts, and automatic MoviePy editing.

Chapbooks in the Borthwick on Glitch in Django

My Work Outside The University

Drawing and paintings. Zonk The Gnu

Symphony For A Post Justification Engine

York Mediale 2018 - The Fake News Kaleidoscope


Infinite Cow

Music of the Trees

Betula Pendula - Silver Birch but also 

Version 1 - made in Processing - code here.
Version 2 - made in p5js... slowly disintegrates
Version 3 - p5js, Tone.js, piano sample.

Teenage Art School - York Art Gallery

Red Blue Drawing App

"Moving Texts" optical illusions in p5js

Video here of animation

Runway ML vs Watmap vs Processing 

Politicians made from pig's ears...

More here.

Halfway between a politician and a black and white cow.

Currently which contains a list of Inspirational sites, worth a look and a list of digital creativity tools.

Currently recording dozens of screencast creativity exercises like this Let's Make Glitch Art for the Festival of Ideas.

Theme from Marion Sparkle. Uses Spitfire Discover BBC Orchestra free sounds. A "game" assembled almost entirely from generated and found components. Characters, Plots, etc.

Things I'd Play With More If I Had More Time


Adobe Characterizer Formerly Flare.

  • Mosaic . Like TouchDesigner of Isadora - visual tools
  • Score - for sequencing media and devices
  • Make my own visual language for Google Suite processes with or
  • Runway ML and StyleGans with Python notebooks
  • MIT App Inventor or block coding in general, tools like WayScript.
  • Twine and Eko Studio
  • Studio One - Modular Synthesis (free)
  • Sonic Pi
  • Spark AR
  • A Little Livecode (perhaps)
  • Make my own version of SoundPlant now it doesn't work on a Mac (Catalina)
  • Do I need to learn Unity?
  • Understand more about Git and Glitch
  • A-Frame


Popular posts from this blog

Writing a Simple QR Code Stock Control Spreadsheet

At Theatre, Film & TV they have lots of equipment they loan to students, cameras, microphone, tripod etc. Keeping track of what goes out and what comes back is a difficult job. I have seen a few other departments struggling with the similar "equipment inventory" problems. A solution I have prototyped uses QR codes, a Google Spreadsheet and a small web application written in Apps Script. The idea is, that each piece of equipment ( or maybe collection of items ) has a QR code on it. Using a standard and free smartphone application to read QR codes, the technician swipes the item and is shown a screen that lets them either check the item out or return it. The QR app looks like this. The spreadsheet contains a list of cameras. It has links to images and uses Google Visualisation tools to generate its QR codes. The spreadsheet looks like this. The Web Application The web application, which only checks items in or out and should be used on a phone in conjunctio

Inserting A Google Doc link into a Google Spreadsheet (UPDATED 6/12/2017)

This article looks at using Apps Script to add new features to a Google Spreadsheet. At the University of York, various people have been using Google spreadsheets to collect together various project related information. We've found that when collecting lots of different collaborative information from lots of different people that a spreadsheet can work much better than a regular Google Form. Spreadsheets can be better than Forms for data collection because: The spreadsheet data saves as you are editing. If you want to fill in half the data and come back later, your data will still be there. The data in a spreadsheet is versioned, so you can see who added what and when and undo it if necessary The commenting features are brilliant - especially the "Resolve" button in comments. One feature we needed was to be able to "attach" Google Docs to certain cells in a spreadsheet. It's easy to just paste in a URL into a spreadsheet cell, but they can often

A Working Booking System In Google Sheets

Working with Andras Sztrokay we had another go at a booking system. This time it was to enable staff to book out a number of iPads over a number of days. You select the days you want, then select the Booking menu. Andras did an amazing job. It even creates a daily bookings sheet so you can see who has which iPads. To see this in action, go  here  and  File > Make a Copy (I won't be able to support you this is just provided to maybe give someone else a leg up, good luck!)