Monday, 28 January 2013

Making Your Own Version of Appointment Slots with Apps Script

Making Your Own Version of Appointment Slots

In a previous post I showed an alternative version of Google Calendar's Appointment Slot's functionality created in Apps Script. You can see it in action here.

Since making this app Google have, rather fantastically dropped their dropping of the Appointment Slots feature. This app may be useful to anyone wondering how to make an Apps Script Web App that loads jQuery and uses HTML templates.

If you want to edit the code that runs it, you can get a copy of the script here:

Then you need to go to...

File > Make a copy

... and then...

File > Manage Versions

... and create a new version of the app. This is needed when you want to publish your web app. So next, then go to ...

Publish > Deploy as web app

You might want to restrict Who has access to the the app setting to just people from your domain.

In theory you can now share your web app's URL and start making changes to the application. Most of the files are just HTML templates, but the main two code files are Code and Web App. Good luck!


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  2. Hi, I got this error when i deploy as web app:
    ReferenceError: "ScriptDb" is not defined. (line 32, file "ScriptDBLib")
    Can you please advise?