Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Using Hangouts On Air To Present In Kings Manor, York and Southampton

Last night, Alice Watterson (Glasgow School of Art) presented Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae to a packed room K/111, Kings Manor, University of York about her collaboration making digital reconstructions. Here she is (above ) from the "stage" with Sara Perry.

Alice was also watched by a roomful of researchers at Southampton University, who tuned in to the Hangout and managed to ask questions in a short Q&A at the end.

We're still experimenting with how to get the best from Google+ Hangouts whilst keeping the recording process speaker-responsibility-free and technology-minimalist in that we don't want the speaker to have to do anything special to be streamed, and we also don't want Sara, who hosts the seminars to have to set up heaps of scary equipment.

We may have to compromise though. For example, if the speaker would be willing to send us their slides beforehand and willing, instead of using Powerpoint - to use the Hangout tool, then external viewers could watch the slides rather than the webcam image. This would make for a much better recording and improve the experience for external viewers but opens up the potential for all sorts of problems. Still, given a willing presenter, it will be worth a try. Maybe next time.

Alice's presentation and slides are online here:

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  1. Hi - the recorded live stream is on the link below