Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Simple Example Booking Project in Google Spreadsheets

I've had a number of requests for code examples for my Booking Spreadsheet. I have held off sharing the code mainly because it became very complex and wasn't very useful as a starting point for anyone else.

But recently, I had to whip an Appointments spreadsheet together that didn't have personalised colouring of cells, that didn't create lots of sheets for a whole term, or permissions etc. 

This spreadsheet is just a list of "Book me" links that passes some data through to a simple web form, and then saves the person's email into that cell's value.

If you want to do something similar using this spreadsheet, 

a. File > Make a Copy - to get your copy
b. Tools > Script Editor > File > Manage Versions > Save New Version
c. Publish > Deploy as web app - to copy your web app URL
d. Change all the variables in the code, there's only a few
e. Run the Setup code - to regenerate the "Book me" hyperlinks to point at your new web app
f. Tools > Script Editor > File > Manage Versions > Save New Version - to update the app
g. Publish > Deploy as web app 

....and as simple as a,b,c,d,e,f,g you will have your own Booking System. 

Don't expect any help with this, you're on your own. No, really. It's only really meant for people used to working with Apps Script and spreadsheets.

Here is the spreadsheet link.

Anyway, it looks like this... 


  1. Tom Hi

    I like your view on the "power of spreadsheets"' - couldn't agree more ...
    nice sample of Booking .. we've actually taken this to another level :
    The other page I want to share ... is how decision tables are used to support a (banking lending) process .. in this case ... implement with 0 (zero) code !


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