Friday, 1 February 2013

How To Use Hangout Screen Sharing For Presentations

In my previous post, I asked if I was missing something ( shut  it you) with regards to using Hangouts for presentations. +Eduardo Carrillo put me right, thanks!

The trick is: 

  • In another window have your Slides presentation ready. 
  • Click "Present" and instead of clicking "Exit fullscreen" from the top of the screen, which exits the Present mode, you exit fullscreen from the little black toolbar at the bottom left. 
  • I additionally changed View > Always Show Bookmarks Bar in Chrome
  • Now, back in your Hangout select Screenshare and choose the window with your presentation in it

I think that's it. I guess at this point, one could go full screen so that the people in the real world audience get the bestest, fullest screen experience... and it wouldn't matter that you lose access to the Hangout ( from an interface point of view ). 

Having got this working, I'm not completely convinced by it. My heebies are jeebying. I can imagine this being far from intuitive for even a seasoned presenter. The UI feels sticky-taped together.

Aesthetically, I really don't like those big black borders on my presentation either... which forces you to use a white-on-black theme.

I obviously need to play with this a little more and get more comfortable with what it can do and what the workarounds and processes are. I'd like to get to the position where I could easily coach a lecturer in turning a regular presentation into one that can incorporate Hangout technology and questions and answers from remote participants and have it still feel natural, fun and slick.


  1. There's also an google hangout app for slideshare, that might be easier?


  2. One thing I have done is to put the slides on zoho and send participants the URL - people can watch this on their own equipment wherever they are and you could have a second PC and screen showing the slides.

    Zoho lets you advance the slides so that they are advanced for people viewing the URL